Half of UK businesses considering solar PV, new survey claims

A survey of over 300 business owners and senior executives has found that more than half have considered installing solar PV to avert the energy crisis.

In the survey, conducted by Censuswide on behalf of energy services company eEnergy, energy efficiency was a near unanimous issue, with 94% of businesses reporting they waste more than a fifth of their energy every year.

With more price pressure to come in autumn and winter, businesses are asking for government support.

A quarter of businesses said the introduction of better energy efficiency measures was the best long-term solution and nearly a third asked the government to launch a support scheme to help the sector.

Increased environmental consciousness coupled with the current energy crisis had almost three-quarters of respondents in the hospitality and leisure sector planning to reach net zero emissions.

Harvey Sinclair, CEO at eEnergy, said: “Government grants to finance energy saving solutions only have a 5-10% conversion rate and for most it takes 6-12 months to get a decision, causing further delays and burning more cash – and carbon. We believe the answer is simple: cutting energy waste and carbon should be as accessible as any subscription service, without upfront costs.”

The continued interest to find a solution to raising electricity bills in the UK has increased the number of small and medium-sized entreprises with 10% looking to invest in onsite generation by 2023.

As a consequence of electricity bills rising is that more than one in four bosses has felt the pressure of energy costs and considers closing shop in the next year.

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