Octopus Energy introduce Outgoing Octopus paying up to 15p per kWh for exported energy

Octopus Energy have recently announced a tariff called Outgoing Octopus. This is a tariff that is still a beta product (Octopus say it won’t necessarily be perfect at first), but the idea is that you can get up to 15p per kWh that you generate on your solar system and don’t consure yourself.

They offer 2 variations of the account:

1) A flat export tariff at 15p per kWh – this easily beats the current FIT export price of 5.24p per kWh

2) An ‘agile’ account where the price paid for exported electricity changes every 30 mins accourding to local demand on the National Grid at that time. In theory this account would allow you to export your energy at premium times of the day (usually early evening is when there is most demand nationally).

Find out more about Octupus Energy’s Outgoing Octopus