Social Energy: How It Works

Social Energy is a smart energy trading network for solar PV panels and battery customers.

The decentralised grid-trading platform allows Social Energy customers to swap and trade energy with other customers and sell it to the National Grid for the best possible prices.

Firstly, What Is Grid Sharing?

Grid sharing, which the Social Energy energy trading platform is built on, is the term used to describe storage batteries that are connected and able to send energy between each other.

This decentralisation model reduces reliance on the big energy suppliers, while energy wastage is lessened by ensuring all solar energy generated is either used, stored, traded or sold.

The automated artificial intelligence system trades energy automatically, saving customers as much as 70% on their utility bills — but how does it work? We breakdown the mechanics.
Installation Of Solar PV Panels And Storage

For customers to take part in Social Energy they must already have solar PV panels and battery storage installed at their property, so they can generate and store solar energy.

Social Energy is partnered with battery brand Duracell to utilise its domestic 3.3kw batteries.

Home Assessment And Survey

A home assessment is completed to make sure the solar technology installed is compatible, before a survey is taken to discover the energy requirements and usage of the customer.

There are different Social Energy packages and the survey is taken to find the most suitable.

Installation And Connection To Grid-Trading Platform

Once the go-ahead is given the installation of Solar Energy takes just one day to complete.

A grid monitoring box is added to the battery so the system can send data wirelessly to the Social Energy cloud — it then takes up to 28 days before the system is fully connected.

Automated Artificial Intelligence System Kicks In

Once connected, the system’s artificial intelligence platform begins detecting changes to the National Grid, which often needs the additional energy Social Energy customers can provide.

The system, which enables customers to buy and sell energy when required, reacts quickly to the grid to sell energy at the best price possible, with prices fluctuating every half hour.

Customers can also use the grid-trading platform to trade with other Social Energy customers — all this is automated with tracking and monitoring possible using the app.

Battery Charges From Grid

Another great feature of Social Energy is the battery’s ability to charge from the grid when wholesale energy prices are low, before storing the power to be used at a later date.

This means customers don’t have to buy energy from the grid when prices are high.

Home Is Future Proofed

Cutting out the big energy companies and relying solely on renewable energy is one way customers can future-proof their homes from rising and increasingly unpredictable energy costs.

Once set up, customers can just sit back and benefit from the seamless, simple offering.

Social Energy: Powered To You