Can you make money from your solar system?

Together with UK Power Networks and G99 Professional Services, Octopus Electric Vehicles has unveiled a new device to unlock vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging in the UK.

The Powerlimit is designed to allow V2G technology to work alongside domestic solar or batteries, allowing more renewable energy to be connected to the grid. It sits between the charger, energy asset and smart meter, and is designed to ensure the network capacity is maximised.

“Not only is this a first for the UK consumer market, it paves the way for homes to help balance the grid faster than ever before,” said Claire Miller, director of technology and innovation from Octopus Electric Vehicles.

“Solutions are needed for homes that need additional capacity to export solar, battery and V2G energy to the local grid. As part of a range of approaches, these Powerlimit devices will enable customers to export energy from their homes even where there are restrictions to help develop a more balanced and greener grid.”

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